How to Properly Clean a Hot Tub

Cleaning your hot tub is essential maintenance to ensure your hot tub is ready to use at all times. Properly caring for your hot tub includes both regular maintenance to confirm it has the right chemical levels as well as the occasional deep clean that …

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Is a Hot Tub Hard to Maintain?

Before investing in a new hot tub for your home, you’ll want to be prepared for the maintenance that will be required to keep it up and running. Many homeowners are concerned that a hot tub will be too hard to maintain, which keeps them …

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What to Know Before Building a Pool

You and your family are considering having a pool built in your home’s yard—how exciting! While you have made the decision to have a pool installed, you may be unsure of everything else that goes along with the project. Not to worry, because Recreation Warehouse …

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What Is the Lifespan of a Pool?

Having a pool built at your home is a long-term commitment. The initial step of the pool-buying process is research, and that includes finding out the lifespan of a pool so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Both in-ground and above ground pools …

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Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pools

Based on their names, it’s not difficult to tell the main difference between above and in-ground pools. Aside from the fact that one sits above the ground and the other actually goes into it, these two types of pools differ in various ways. If you’re …

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