Creating the Ultimate Backyard Staycation With a Pool and Hot Tub

If your family values comfort, fun, convenience, and quality time, investing in a pool and hot tub can transform your backyard, making it a welcoming and luxurious outdoor space to enjoy with family and friends. But if you want to create the ultimate backyard staycation, there are a few more things you can do. 

Design a Relaxing Oasis 

Start by envisioning your backyard as a relaxing oasis. Incorporate comfortable seating, shaded areas, and lush landscaping to create a serene atmosphere. Find the things you love, and then create a space with all those things. Your pool and hot tub should be central to this design, serving as the focal points of your outdoor haven. 

Pick the Right Pool and Hot Tub Combo 

Select a pool and hot tub combo that suits your space and preferences. Consider the size of your backyard, the style of your home, and whether you want an in-ground or above-ground pool. Add in features like lighting, water jets, and smart controls to enhance the overall experience. 

Create Inviting Seating Areas 

Integrate various seating options around the pool and hot tub area. From lounge chairs for sunbathing to cozy seating arrangements for conversation, having diverse seating options ensures that your hangout spot caters to different preferences. 

Include Poolside Entertainment 

Incorporate entertainment elements around the pool. Set up an outdoor sound system for music, add a barbecue or outdoor kitchen for convenient dining, and consider a shaded lounge area with a television for movie nights or watching your favorite sports teams. 

Build a Hot Tub Retreat 

Designate a specific area around the hot tub for a more intimate retreat. Privacy screens, pergolas, or even strategically placed landscaping can create a secluded space for unwinding in the warm, soothing waters. 

Use Landscaping Enhancements 

Use landscaping to increase the beauty of your backyard retreat. Surround the pool and hot tub with vibrant plants, flowers, and greenery. This not only adds visual appeal, but also contributes to the overall tranquility of the space. 

Install Lighting for Ambiance 

Install outdoor lighting to create a magical ambiance during the evening. Consider string lights, pathway lighting, or even underwater LED lights in the pool for a dramatic effect. Proper lighting can extend the usability of your hangout spot well into the night. 

Remember Comfortable Poolside Amenities 

Invest in poolside amenities such as towels, outdoor rugs, and comfortable cushions. Help your guests feel pampered and have everything they need for a relaxing day by the pool. 

Try Themed Decor 

Create a theme for your backyard hangout spot. Whether it’s a tropical paradise, a Mediterranean retreat, or a sleek modern design, thematic decor adds a personal touch and enhances the overall experience. 

Choose Pool Games, Toys, and Activities 

Keep the fun going with pool games, toys, and activities. Floats, pool noodles, and games like volleyball or basketball can turn your pool into an entertainment hub for everyone (not just the kids!). 

Keep Safety First 

Implement safety measures, especially if you have children or pets. Install secure fencing around the pool, and consider adding safety covers and alarms for a worry-free environment. 

Make Your Backyard the Choice Hangout Spot 

With a pool and hot tub as the centerpiece of your backyard, every day becomes an opportunity for a staycation, and your home evolves into a retreat that reflects your unique style and a commitment to a life well-lived. By combining thoughtful design, comfortable amenities, and entertainment features, your backyard can easily become the choice hangout spot for family and friends. And if you ever decide to put your house on the market, your backyard oasis will be a huge selling point! 

At Recreation Warehouse Michigan, we are all about helping homeowners make the most of their backyard space with custom pools and innovate hot tubs. Contact us today to find out how you can transform your backyard with a pool or hot tub.