Installation: Above Ground Pools vs. In-Ground Pools

Above-Ground Pools vs. In-Ground Pools: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Considering adding a pool to your backyard but unsure whether to go for an above-ground pool or invest in an in-ground pool? It’s a big decision to make, and it’s important to consider your budget, needs, preferences, and the reality of owning each type of pool.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are a popular choice for those seeking a budget-friendly and relatively quick pool installation.


  • Affordability: Above-ground pools are generally more cost-effective than in-ground pools, making them an attractive option for homeowners on a budget.
  • Ease of installation: These pools are also quick to install, allowing you to start enjoying your pool sooner.
  • Portability: If you ever move homes, you can take your above-ground pool with you, offering more flexibility compared to a permanent, in-ground pool.
  • Safety: For families with young children or pets, above-ground poolsare easier to secure. It’s also easier to add safety features like fencing to above-ground pools.


  • Aesthetics: While modern above-ground pools have come a long way in design, they may not have the same sophisticated look as in-ground pools.
  • Durability: Above-ground pools typically have a shorter lifespan than in-ground pools and may require more maintenance.
  • Limited sizes and shapes: You may be limited in terms of available sizes and shapes of above-ground pools, which may not perfectly fit your ideal pool vision.

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are the epitome of luxury, offering a timeless and visually stunning addition to your property.


  • Aesthetic appeal: In-ground pools are known for their elegant and upscale appearance, adding value to your home.
  • Customization: You have the freedom to create a completely customized pool, choosing the shape, size, and features to match your preferences and needs.
  • Longevity: With proper maintenance, in-ground pools are built to last for decades, providing enduring enjoyment.
  • Property integration: In-ground pools seamlessly blend into your backyard landscape, becoming an integral part of your outdoor living space.


  • Cost: In-ground pools require a higher initial investment compared to above-ground pools, making them a more significant financial commitment.
  • Construction time: Building an in-ground pool can take several weeks or even months, meaning you’ll need to wait longer before taking that first dip.
  • Complex maintenance: In-ground pools may involve more complex maintenance routines and potentially higher upkeep costs.

Making the Right Decision

Ultimately, the choice between an above-ground pool and an in-ground pool comes down to your specific situation and preferences.

You may want to choose an above-ground pool if:

  • You have a limited budget and want a pool without breaking the bank.
  • Quick installation and portability are essential factors for you.
  • You prioritize safety and need an easily secured pool area.

On the flipside, you may want to choose an in-ground pool if:

  • You’re prepared for a larger upfront investment and long-term enjoyment.
  • Customization is crucial to meet your family’s specific needs and desires.
  • You want a stunning and impressive addition to your property.

Build Your Dream Pool With Recreation Warehouse

Whether you’re interested in an above-ground or in-ground pool, we can make it happen for you. At Recreation Warehouse, our team is all about making your dream pool a reality, tailored to your style and needs. Contact us or visit our showroom today to begin your custom pool project!