Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pools

Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pools

Based on their names, it’s not difficult to tell the main difference between above and in-ground pools. Aside from the fact that one sits above the ground and the other actually goes into it, these two types of pools differ in various ways. If you’re considering adding a pool to your yard, you’re probably trying to compare above and in-ground models to determine which option is right for your needs. Essentially, there are three big differences between above and in-ground pools:


Because of the way each pool sits in a yard, the installation process greatly differs between the two designs. Generally speaking, the timeline for an in-ground pool installation is longer than one for an above ground; this is because extra steps are involved such as acquiring permits and excavating. So, if you are in somewhat of a time crunch or have impatient kiddos who are desperate to be splashing around as soon as possible, you may consider going the above-ground route.


It’s hard to put a specific price tag on an above and in-ground pool. Different factors like material, size, and additional features will influence what the overall cost of your pool is, but it is typically cheaper to build an above ground pool. This circles back to the extensive installation process; components like excavating and clearing out dirt can make the cost of installing an in-ground pool higher.

With that being said, the costs may even out when you consider additional components that are often paired with above ground pools. Many people choose to build decks around these pools to make them easier to access for both swimming and cleaning, so this is something to keep in mind.


No matter what type of pool you’re planning to have built, you should have safety at the forefront of your mind. Based solely on the construction of each pool type, it’s easier for children and pets to accidentally fall into in-ground pools, as they are directly in line with the rest of your yard. While this fact isn’t meant to scare you and there are products designed to enhance the safety of in-ground pools, it may help guide your decision on which pool to choose. Overall, owning a pool is an important responsibility, and children and pets should not be left unattended in or near one. It’s also helpful—and sometimes required by law—to build a fence around your pool or deck to prevent anyone from accidentally falling in.

Turn to the Professionals at Recreation Warehouse

While you can search the internet high and low for various differences between above and in-ground pools, your best bet is to consult a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. For Michigan residents, that would be Recreation Warehouse. Since 2004, we have been expertly installing above ground and in-ground pools for local homeowners, so we are more than capable of providing guidance to help you choose the right pool.

Once you reach a decision, our skilled technicians can efficiently install your new system, train you on how to care for it, and provide any necessary maintenance in the future. As a full-service pool company, we’re there for you every step of the way. Contact Recreation Warehouse today to learn more!

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