Pool & Hot Tub Water Testing Available to Owosso, MI, Residents

Water Testing

Just about every pool or spa owner knows the frustration of walking outside and seeing that the water has turned green with algae. You try your best to balance chlorine levels and keep your water clear, but you just haven’t been able to master the science. Don’t get frustrated—Recreation Warehouse is here to help. We offer expert pool and hot tub water testing services to homeowners in Owosso and surrounding Michigan communities, so we’re happy to help get your water safe and sparkling.

Water Chemistry & Analysis

Aside from algae, there are various other issues that can arise in the water of your pool or spa. As a seasoned pool and hot tub company, we know exactly how improper water chemistry can damage your system and limit its lifespan. Pool and hot tub water must be properly balanced, otherwise, the sanitizers won’t work at their full strength to kill germs and bacteria. The ultimate goal is safe, comfortable, corrosion-free water.

To make sure this happens, Recreation Warehouse provides state-of-the-art water chemistry testing that can detect total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, water hardness, iron, copper, and more. We’ll also help you maintain the proper water chemistry in your swimming pool or hot tub by providing step-by-step instructions.

Pool School

Many times, people need a refresher on proper water testing after their pool or spa has been closed up all winter. So, every May, we host Pool School and bring in different vendors to represent various products and teach our customers how to care for their pools. We’ll educate you on the right pool products, what chemicals and balancers do and how to use them, etc.

Recreation Warehouse is here for you every step of the way throughout your pool- or spa-owning journey. Receive proper water testing from our knowledgeable team by contacting us today. We proudly serve residents of Owosso, MI, and surrounding areas.

“From the purchase of our hot tub, the service, and all of our questions, Adam, Don and the all the staff have been great. Will reccomend and already have to our friends and family. Thank you!!”

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“My hot tub froze over the winter so I called really looking for a new purchase and don was a huge help in getting me a new one!!! Helped me with insurance and everything. I recommend this place to everyone.”

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